Velvet Devil

Andrea Menard


CD Cover

"Andrea Menard, our beloved Velvet Devil, is simply gorgeous.”


The year is 1945. The glamorous Velvet Devil is home for the first time in 15 years, back to the Canadian prairies she fled so long ago. The reason is a funeral. But the reluctant journey opens the doors of Velvet’s memory and releases feelings that have been locked away for many years. The truth is that The Velvet Devil is really Velvet Laurent, a young Métis woman who ran away from her humble prairie home more than a decade earlier. Velvet was desperate to be the opposite of everything she was expected to be. She had a dream that no one understood – especially her loving and deeply spiritual mother. So Velvet had no choice. She had to leave – to find fame and fortune, to sing, to become The Velvet Devil and leave little Velvet Laurent far behind.


The hit one-woman show, The Velvet Devil, which Menard has performed all over Canada, was written by Menard with songs written by Menard and collaborator, Robert Walsh. The premiere stage production of The Velvet Devil was produced at the Globe Theatre in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2001. It was directed and dramaturged by Artistic Director, Ruth Smillie.

The Velvet Devil is Menard's debut CD, featuring original jazz songs from the one-woman musical. The music was written by Menard and Walsh, and arranged by Anthony Rozankovic. The CD was produced by Rozankovic at Studio Tempo in Montreal, QC and was released in September 2002.

In 2006, The Velvet Devil was made into an award-winning television movie for CBC’s tv series, Opening Night. The adapted screenplay, written by Menard and director, Larry Bauman, swept numerous national and international awards. Andrea’s performance in the made-for-television movie received rave reviews and garnered a Gemini nomination for Best Performance by an Actress (2006). The Velvet Devil was produced by Executive Producer, Michael Snook of WestWind Pictures (Little Mosque on the Prairie).